Assessment Model Review Steering Committee

The Government of Alberta is seeking to reinitiate stakeholder engagement on Alberta’s regulated property assessment model.

Before the ministry engages with municipal and industry stakeholders in discussions around specific assessment issues, Municipal Affairs will be seeking advice from stakeholders on the design of the engagement process. This will include developing the principles, process, and schedule for the broader Assessment Model Review (AMR) engagement review. They intend to establish an AMR Steering Committee to work with them to co-design an engagement plan, which will then be shared with the Minister of Municipal Affairs for his review and approval.

They would like to note that this steering committee will not be discussing the engagement for regulated farmland assessments. A separate steering committee will be established at a later date to discuss these assessments.

ARMAA has chosen Tyler Lawrason to participate in the first meeting of the AMR Steering Committee, which is to be scheduled for late May 2022.


ARMAA Update on May 2022 Meeting

This Committee, which was created by Municipal Affairs, consists of various municipal and industry stakeholders affected by pending and future review of Alberta’s assessment model.

As a response to the gross mismanagement of the recent assessment model review by the GOA, this committee is tasked with designing the terms of engagement, consideration and communication surrounding all future review.

No tangible outcomes regarding the framing of future processes have been attained and are not expected until, at minimum, Q4 of 2022.

For further information, please contact ARMAAs’ committee appointment for the AMR, Tyler Lawrason

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