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Issue 1

Welcome to our first Newsletter!
A lot has been going on here at ARMAA, so we thought you’d enjoy a quarterly newsletter that will show you what we have been up to.


Executive Updates
April 20, 2023: AER Directive – Unpaid Taxes

Following the Ministerial Order relative to making payment of municipal property taxes a condition of AER licensing of oil and gas companies, ARMAA was engaged in consultation with Municipal Affairs to comment on procedural matters concerning information collection and efficiencies going forward.

The ARMAA executive is proud that Municipal Affairs values the Input of ARMAA and has offered our organization the opportunity to participate in the development of policy implementation strategies.  This is reflective of the respect our organization has gained with the Provincial Government.

– Attended by 

   Mike Haugen, Tyler Lawrason, Jeff Holmes

April 20, 2023: MSSAC Meeting 
  • A review committee for Delia is being established. This is expected to be in place by June 1st.
  • Guidelines on petitions for municipalities with ward systems are coming.
  • ICF Guidelines and changes – The Province extended the deadline for renewal as a few ICFs have just completed or are still going through arbitration. It was felt that the rules shouldn’t change while some were still being completed and that lessons learned should be developed when these are done. It is likely that some changes to ICF rules or guidelines will occur within the next year and the Province did not want municipalities to put in a lot of work only to have changes be made.
  • Communications regarding the AER Regulations pertaining to unpaid oil and gas taxes will be coming soon.
  • Municipal Affairs is now in “caretaker” mode in advance of the election. This is essentially a holding pattern until after the election occurs.

  – Attended by Mike Haugen

January 9, 2023: CAMA releases updated CAO Toolkits
Recognizing the importance of the relationships between the City Manager, Town Manager, Chief Administrative Officer (CAO), and Mayor and Council, the Canadian Association of Municipal Administrators (CAMA) launched a CAO Performance Evaluation Toolkit in 2017.  Over the years, we have heard feedback from our members and their Councils on the Toolkit, and are pleased to provide you with a new updated, and improved 2023 edition with a “Guide for the CAO” and a “Guide for the Mayor & Council”.  These resources are available for free to member and non-member municipalities.


2023 Spring Zone Meetings
Throughout the month of April, ARMAA hosted in-person zone meetings with members. Beyond the great conversations that were had between peers, and in-depth updates from RMA, we had the following presentations that were made available to share as resources.
At each zone meeting, we asked each member to pick 2 topics from the list above Results from the Poll will be our 2023 Virtual education sessions:
1st – Marketing your Municipality
2nd – Unique Funding Opportunities
We are actively booking presenters for these topics. Stay tuned for the invite!
Delegate Conferences
RMAA – May 15th to 18th, 2023 
          – Tyler Lawrason
LGAA – June 27th to 29th, 2023 
          – Tyler Lawrason


Conference Registration is Open!

Come join us in Cold Lake!

August 29-31

This years’ conference has a lot to offer:

  • New speakers 

  • New Banquet Location at the Kinosoo Ski Resort

  • More prizes!

  • Gorgeous Lake to decompress at in the afternoons 

What traditions are carrying on?

  • Golf Tournament: Cold Lake Golf & Winter Club

  • Conference Reception hosted by RMA

  • Hospitality Suite Sponsored by Brownlee

What’s on the Agenda?

This year we have new Brownlee and RMRF speakers. We also have some exciting zone presentations

Speakers & Presentations


ARMAA this Year

In addition to our AGM, ARMAA will also be presenting:
  • Presidents Report
  • NEW! ARMAA Code of Conduct
  • NEW! ARMAA Mental Health Support Program
  • ARMAA Elections:
    • President
    • Vice-President
    • Zone 2
    • Zone 4

membership picture.png

Not a Member yet? 

ARMAA has changed a lot over the past few years. We have new resources, virtual education sessions, social evenings, expert lists, and a lengthy list of committees our executive sits on to keep members up to date on various matters.

Become a Member



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