Member Info Sourcing

Member Info Sourcing

Do you have something that you would like to reach out to our membership to get a read on?

Email [email protected] and we will gather the responses and post here in the resource library.

Question: I’m wondering if any municipality is making formal use of Artificial Intelligence applications, and if so, for what purposes/processes?


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Question: We are looking at updating our Fire (Emergency) Response Billing Bylaw and Policy and would like to know the following.

1. Who Bills for Fire Responses? And who just covers all responses on the tax roll?
2. What rates are being charged for fire response and other emergency responses?
3. Does anyone have a split rate? Ag Grass fire response vs. Residential fire.
4. How do municipalities handle it when residents do not have insurance to pay for the response?
5. Can I have copies of the bylaws or policies?

                (09-03-2023) Fire Costs

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Question: The County of Barrhead is having some challenges with short-term rentals of seasonal properties under Airbnb & Vrbo. Challenges are everything from an increase in traffic, parking issues, excessive noise, etc. in areas where lot sizes are relatively small. We are getting complaints from long-term residents that it is affecting their quality of life as they expect peace and enjoyment of their properties without the “weekend warriors”. We typically hear about it after the weekend, and we don’t have the manpower to assign a CPO to an area to wait for properties to be rented. My understanding is that RCMP have been called by the neighbors to visit the properties which seems to quiet things down for that night. There must be a different way to address this so that everyone can co-exist. Your thoughts would be appreciated.

1. Is anyone else experiencing any problems with short-term rentals of seasonal properties?

2. What have you done and was it successful?

3. Suggestions?

                (07-11-2023) AirBnB & Vrbo Properties

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Question: We are reevaluating our grading program and the choices we are making on how to grade, what to grade when to grade etc… So I am wondering how others decide things. Maybe this is already answered?

How do you prioritize grading in your county’s divisions?

  1. a. A schedule-based approach.
    b. A section-based approach.
    c. A condition-based approach.
    d. A mapping system and GIS.
    e. Another way not listed.


Result:   We had 10 members respond. The most popular prioritization is

(c) a condition-based approach, with

(a) a schedule-based approach in second.

                 (06-07-2023) Grading Program Survey

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Question: NSC is looking at a new financial software (currently using Diamond)

  1. Which financial software product do you use?
  2. What are the pros and cons of that software?



Result:   Pros & Cons of Financial Softwares Poll

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Question: I encountered an issue yesterday at our Council Policy Committee and need the help of our members. Employment Standards generally uses the rule of 8/44 hours for the requirement to pay overtime. The exceptions to the 8/44 rule are “If an employer establishes a work week of fewer than 44 hours (for example, a 40-hour work week), overtime pay is still payable under the basic 8/44 rule. The exception to this is when a collective agreement, some other agreement, or the consistent practice of an employer has been established in writing that overtime hours are to be counted after working fewer than 8 hours in a work day or 44 in a work week.”

The County has set the hours of operation for Administrative staff of 8:30 to 4:30 with a 1 hour unpaid lunch – equivalent to 7 hours/day. Our past practice (for over 30 years) has been to pay overtime at 1.5 times for any hours over 7 hours/day. The Committee believes that based on Employment Standards we should have only been paying overtime if the employee exceeds 8 hours/day or 44 hours/week and are considering a Policy change.
In order to support our past practice and what I believe is an industry standard in Municipal Government I am asking the members the following questions:

1. Do you pay overtime on any hours below the 8/44 rule?
2. If yes how many hours are your regular day of work?

Result:    Overtime Rules Results

~Thank you to all who participated!~

Question:  Are you or someone you work with Accredited through Safety Codes Council to do various disciplines?

An ARMAA member needs to prepare a contract with the Regional Fire Commission for the Fire Discipline (as directed by Safety Codes Council). They are looking for a jump start and asking if anyone could share their “Fire Inspection under the Safety Codes” they may use to help build out theirs

Result:     Request for Safety Codes

~Thank you to all who participated!~

Question: Has your municipality implemented a Truth and Reconciliation Day on September 30th?

Result:     Truth & Reconciliation Day Survey 

  •  (21) MDs participated
  •  (3) Have it as a Stat Holiday
  •  (4) Have an alternate way to recognize in lieu of a holiday

~Thank you to all who participated!~

Question: Q1. Does your municipality have wording in your MDP/LUB regulating locations of renewable energy development?

Q2. Does anyone know of an instance in which the AUC denied or altered an application due to regulations contained in a MDP or LUB?

Result:     Renewable Energy Development  

~Thank you to all who participated!~

Question: What is your penalty rate for unpaid taxes? Did this change over COVID?

Result:     Penalty on Unpaid Taxes

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Question: For those that have a revenue-sharing agreement with: 

  • An urban neighbor
  • Regarding commercial development
  • Where the urban is supplying a municipal service (raw water or wastewater disposal)

Would you mind providing:

  • % of assessment shared
  • Term (if applicable)

Result:     Revenue Sharing Agreements Poll

~Thank you to all who participated!~

The MD of Fairview will be acquiring a building, that was the residence of an old hospital facility.  The building is beyond repair but we know that it has asbestos siding and probably asbestos inside.

Question: Has anyone had to deal with the demolition of old structures with asbestos?

Result:     Question on Asbestos in Buildings Poll

~Thank you to all who participated!~

There are a significant number of acreages within our rural municipality that require the services of a vac truck for septic clean out.

– The Town located within our boundary is considering halting the ability for commercial vehicles to dispose of septic waste into the Town’s wastewater treatment system.  

– The Town has had a couple of incidents within the last couple of years that severely damaged their lagoon system, which in turn, was a significant cost to repair in order to get the system working properly again.  

– I don’t know how they are currently monitoring what is going into the system.”

Question: We are wondering if any other rural municipalities have had to deal with this issue, or similar issue. Also, how the two municipalities either came up with a plan or if the rural now had to undertake providing the service in some other way.

Any help would be greatly appreciated


Dedicated Sewage/Septic Clean Facilities

    – North Star Lagoon Agreement

~Thank you to all who participated!~

Question: Does your municipality accept e-transfers for bill/tax payments? 

Do you have any restrictions? 

Are there any challenges?

Result: 7 “Yes”, and 13 “No”

Bill/Tax Payments via etransfer Poll

Thank you to all who participated!

Question: “Welcoming any RFPs for Financial Software that members have put out recently”.

Result: We had 2 RFPs provided (see below)

           Parkland County (2014 ERP)

           MD of Peace (Feb 2022)

Thank you to all who participated!

Question: “Does anyone charge a Community Aggregate Levy on Shale Production?”

Result: There were no responses that were a “yes”

For individual explanations as to why, please see the link below.

Shale community aggregate payment levy


Thank you all for your participation!

Request: Member feedback on recent updates to AMSHA auditor training that requires that Councillors be included in the audit interviews for COR.


AMSHA COR Audit – Responses


Thank you for all who participated!


Question: The MD of Peace is searching for any Requests for Proposals that other municipalities might have put out in regards to stripping and reclamation of gravel pits. 


RFP Search (Sept 28, 2022)

Thank you for all who participated!

Question: Does your municipal offices (or other municipal locations) have EV charging for the public to use?

     If yes, what is the rate? Did you create policies/procedures around public use?

Result: No respondents had EV chargers at their municipal office or locations

For a look at the polled results:

EV Chargers Poll – July 27, 2022


Thank you to all that participated!

Question: Who has completed the requirements of the change to the MGA? They are agreements between municipalities and school boards.
The deadline to have agreements in place is June 10, 2023.

Result: We had Dave Dittrick of Red Deer County graciously provide a template for use.

DRAFT – JUPA Template


Thank you to all who participated!


Question: What is your municipality proposing for COLA increases in 2022?

Result: From the polled responses, the average COLA increase was 2.59%

For a look at the polled responses

Dec 3, 2021 – COLA Survey

Thank you to all who participated!


We are in the arbitration process for one remaining ICF (have 19 approved).  It is with the Town of Mayerthorpe who are taking full advantage of the ICF process and believe they will receive a windfall as the outcome of arbitration over recreation funding.


MNP has been hired and provided a report to the Town regarding cost-sharing throughout the province.  MNP has specifically provided your financials from 2019 with respect to Recreation and Culture. They have also used 2020’s when convenient.   

I ask that you review your financials from 2019 and provide me with anything that may be included in your expenses for that function, and/or anything else you can provide me that may be relevant to any cost-sharing agreements, funding models, etc.  The financial statements can include many variables that make it difficult to compare functions one-to-one so please provide ammunition you think may be relevant.

Mike Primeau 



Financials relating to ICF Arbitration (Nov 10, 2021)

Thank you for all who participated!

Resources from Our Members

This document was created by Brett Hawken with Big Lakes County in 2021.

“It is not polished by any means but might provide some value for the membership.” – Brett

MGA-Adding Amounts owing to Tax Roll

Thank you Brett for your thoughtfulness and contribution to our resources!

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