Municipal Sustainability Strategy Advisory Committee (MSSAC)

Our Committee designee Mike Haugen attended an MSSAC meeting Oct 20, 2022

In addition to the Map Cycle 2 Powerpoint presentation, Mike has provided some further notes.


MSSAC Meeting Notes:

  • There are currently no ongoing viability reviews, although the Province knows of some discussions and expects requests in the near future.
  • Many Municpal Affairs programs are in limbo pending things at the political level being sorted out (cabinet, etc.)
  • The review for the lower Athabasca Regional Plan is moving forward and the Province hopes to release census regulation before year-end in order to allow municipalities wanting to conduct a census in 2023 the ability to plan.
  • The Municipal Accountability Program (MAP) is nearing the completion of its first five years and is looking to make alterations for its second cycle.

Some notes about the MAP:

    • Mandatory for municipalities under 2500 population
    • Municipalities over 2500 population may participate voluntarily
    • The attached slideshow outlines the five areas they are focusing on for their next cycle
    • The MAP is looking for feedback from associations regarding their operation/purpose and the 2500 population threshold.


If you have any questions or additional info, please reach out to the executive director Chelsie, or Mike directly.

Kind Regards,


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